Artist in Residence: McGill Fertility Lab

I am happy to announce that I am the first Artist in Residence at the McGill University Fertility Research Lab in Montreal. In this position, I will spend at least three days a week working with three incredibly talented and dedicated scientists as they conduct experiments to better understand the mechanisms, genetics, and chemicals influencing ova production. In the end of my time here, I will be making artwork with my scientist-collaborators on the production of knowledge across art and science. Stay tuned for this upcoming work!

Wellcome Collection Acquisition

I am humbled and ecstatic to announce that my entire artists’ book series has been acquired by the Wellcome Collection Trust in London, UK. All five of my books will be permanently archived and available for viewing by the public in the Wellcome Library.

It is much easier to let them go knowing they will be in such capable hands.

The catalogue of these books can be viewed here——>

Hybrid Minds/Hybrid Bodies Conference

Hello all! I will be giving a lecture at the upcoming Hybrid Minds/Hybrid Bodies conference at Concordia University’s 4th Space on August 8th. This conference is a continuation of the Hybrid Bodies Project, which seeks to understand the personal and relational impacts of organ transplantation. More on this project can be found here:

In this presentation, I will talk about how an artist’s book becomes a hybrid body, capable of paginating the identities of each author and curious reader between the flesh of its covers.


New Publication: "Field Notes: How to be Generative"

My latest article as Artist in Residence for Columbia University’s Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal is now posted! In this article, I review the workshop I conducted at Columbia Global Centers in Paris, France, during the CHCI Health Humanities Conference. This article is framed around the new artist’s book I created in response to the participant’s thoughtful reflections on “bookness” and what it means to create artists’ books about one's own body.

“The disjointed phrases, thoughts, critiques, and questions from the final workshop analysis are conveyed using a meandering folded form. The twists and turns of the pleated pages give the voices a sense of spontaneous liveliness. This meta-book makes physical the overlapping, repetitive, circuitous, impromptu analysis of the participants rather than seeking to convey a clear linear narrative.”

Read the full article here——>

Field Notes_Cover.jpg

CHCI Conference Presentation, Paris

Bonjour! I will be giving a talk entitled, “Healing Houses: Research-Creation at the Borders of the Body” at Columbia’s CHCI Health and Medical Humanities Conference in Paris, France. This conference will take place from June 14-16. I look forward to sharing my research on how we can better know what it is like to live with chronic illness through multi-sensory artworks.

“This work transubstantiates the objectified and permeable female patient body as domestic architectural spaces. Through the creation of this artwork, I investigate the role aesthetics can play to tacitly communicate the complex boundaries of public and private, the psychological consequences of exposing internal anatomy, and how materializing illness can restore a sense of bodily integrity.”

And of course, taking in the sights, sounds, artwork, and food of Paris!

New Synapsis Article Post: Artist's Book as Body

On April 10th, I conducted an artist’s book workshop on the topic of symptomatology.

“While medicine can diagnose and treat our maladies, it rarely addresses the impact of symptoms on our everyday lives or the anxiety over our unreliable bodies. Providing the opportunity to collectively reflect on the state of our well being through the medium of artists’ books produces a kind of creative care-taking that is absent from traditional medicine.”

Read more on the initial outcomes of this project on the Synapsis website:

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Upcoming Workshop: "Book as Body"

I will be conducting an artist’s book workshop at the University of Kent on the lived experience of illness. Details below. Email me to reserve your spot!

BOOK AS BODY: Artists' Books and Healthcare Workshop

Join us for an afternoon of creative expression during this free bookmaking workshop with artist Darian Goldin Stahl. Together, we will be creating artists' books on the topics of health, medicine, and the body to visually communicate experience. All are invited to participate and create! No prior experience in the arts is necessary. A portion of the spaces available will be reserved for university members (students and staff), health professional members, and community members. Please let me know which of these groups you identify with and your interest in this workshop. Art materials will be provided but you are encouraged to bring small object/s (photograph, collage, embroidery, drawing, pressed flowers, etc) that may connect to the theme of well-being. 

Spaces are limited. Please RSVP to the email below to reserve your spot today. 

Deadline to RSVP is March 25th.  

Date: Wednesday, April 10

Time: 1.00- 5.00 pm

Location: University of Kent, Grimond Building, Seminar room 4 (GS4)

Email RSVP:


This workshop is part of Darian Goldin Stahl’s PhD Research in the health humanities. Participants must be 18 or older. The building is wheelchair accessible. Please let Darian know of other accessibility needs you require.

Book as Body Workshop.jpg

Upcoming Artist's Book Workshop

I will be conducting an artist’s book tutorial entitled, “Materializing Symptomatology: A medical humanities research-creation workshop.” This will take place during a special meeting of the Kent Medical Humanities Reading Group on March 28th, 2:00- 4:00 pm in Seminar Room GS4 at the University of Kent, Canterbury England.

In this workshop, medical humanities scholars will transform a symptom felt within their bodies into a shareable and multi-sensory artist’s book. All materials will be supplied, and no experience is necessary. Please email me to RSVP!

Reading Group Poster.jpg

New Publiction: "Dermography"

As Artist-in-Residence at Columbia University’s Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal, I have the pleasure of taking a deep dive into a new piece of artwork I have created every two months. This month’s article is on my latest artwork, “Dermography,” which joins skin impressions and MRI scans as an act of embodied and performative care giving. Check out the whole article below, along with all of the other amazing posts on the intersections of health and the arts.


School of English Lecture

“Skin, Scans, and Signs: Materializing Illness as Research-Creation” Lecture at the University of Kent


I am pleased to report that my first lecture at the University of Kent for the School of English speaker series was a rounding success. There was a great turnout for this first talk of the semester, and the Q & A was stimulating and challenging. The discussion on the history of medical images, and what they say about the meaning of illness, continued long into the reception. I am hoping to speak in depth with everyone who came to my lecture, so that I can building my cache of interviews with those who are critically engaging with the medical humanities and the integration of fine arts methodologies.

If you also have insights into the intersections of fine arts, artists’ books, and healthcare, please reach out! I would love to talk with you.

New Publication: "Lesion"

Hello All! I am pleased to share that my second article as Artist in Residence at Columbia’s Synapsis: A Journal of Health Humanities is now out! This article focuses on a recent piece of artwork, Lesion, as a multi-sensory bodily synecdoche for living with chronic illness.

“In addition to its sensorial engagement for viewers, Lesion also embodies the necessity for sensory knowledge within medicine: to understand this object’s breath more fully, one must haptically feel its form and vibration, hear its resonance, and take in its scent.”

Read the full article here———->

02_Lesion I.jpg

"VIBRATIONS" Exhibition Opening

“Healing House I” Installation for the VIBRATIONS Exhibition at Concordia University

“Healing House I” Installation, VIBRATIONS Exhibition, 4th Space, Concordia University, Montreal December 2018

“Healing House I” Installation, VIBRATIONS Exhibition, 4th Space, Concordia University, Montreal December 2018

Visitor sensing the vibrations of this orb

Visitor sensing the vibrations of this orb

It is an honor to be invited to exhibit a piece of vibrational artwork as a part of the VIBES Symposium at Concordia University, Montreal. Each artist was challenged to create a piece of artwork that vibrates, as an act of radical accessibility for the Deaf and Disability Communities. For my work, the misshapen orb hanging in the front of this house vibrates in time with a recording of an idling MRI machine that has been slowed down to resemble an anxious human breath. Viewers are invited to gently hold this orb, whose breath becomes a haptic sensation that shudders of the arms of every curious caretaker.

This work was created in collaboration with the VibraFusionLab in London, Canada. To learn more about this symposium, please visit the website:

Artist in Residence for "Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal"

I am pleased to share that my first article has been published on Synapsis. The written portion takes a deep dive into the meaning of my latest piece of art: “Healing House II.”

Healing House II Detail 1.jpg

“The home is an especially salient metaphor for women’s bodies in particular, as it the traditionally connoted site of female labor. Elaine Scarry describes a house as “an enlargement of the body: it keeps warm and safe the individual it houses in the same way the body encloses and protects the individual within” (1985, 38). In times of illness, however, the integrity of the body’s facade is ruptured.”

Read the rest here:

Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference

This conference marks my first invitation to be a keynote speaker! In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a group of medical humanities scholars gathered for the 8th annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference. My sister, Devan Stahl, and I were asked to be co-keynote speakers during the closing event. Our talk, “Visualizing Chronic Illness in Medicine and the Arts,” goes into depth about the conception of our collaborative project visualize Devan’s experiences as a patient, to the publication of our book, to the course on medical humanities we taught at Michigan State University. We were lucky enough to receive thoughtful questions after our talk, sell some books, and be hosted by the incredibly hardworking and kind scholars at Western. I hope this is the first of many keynotes to come.

Devan and I right before our keynote address

Devan and I right before our keynote address

Impact 10 in Santander, Spain

It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the Impact 10 Printmaking Conference, held this year sites all around Santander, Spain. I was chosen for a solo exhibition of my latest work, “The Magnet is Always On,” and I gave a paper presentation on the use of artists’ books as a methodology for understanding the history of medicine and contemporary patient experiences. I was also fortunate enough to show my own artists’ books during the open portfolio session. During the week long conference, I was able to reconnect with professors and print colleagues from around the world in a beautiful location. The print exhibitions and academic papers were world-class! I hope to participate again at Impact 11 in Hong Kong in 2020.

Open portfolio session

Open portfolio session

Giving my talk, “The Artist’s Book as the Patient Body.”

Giving my talk, “The Artist’s Book as the Patient Body.”

Setting up my exhibition, “The Magnet is Always On.”

Setting up my exhibition, “The Magnet is Always On.”

"Imaging and Imagining Illness" Edited Volume

After five years in the making, "Imaging and Imagining Illness: Becoming Whole a Broken Body" has finally been published! This edited volume published by Wipf and Stock details the collaborative between my sister, Devan Stahl, and me that seeks to discover the fruitful intersections of art and medical imaging technologies.

"Medical imaging technologies can help diagnose and monitor patients’ diseases, but they do not capture the lived experience of illness. In this volume, Devan Stahl shares her story of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis with the aid of magnetic resonance images (MRIs). Although clinically useful, Stahl did not want these images to be the primary way she or anyone else understood her disease or what it is like to live with MS. With the help of her printmaker sister, Darian Goldin Stahl, they were able to reframe these images into works of art. The result is an altogether different image of the ill body. Now, the Stahls open up there project to four additional scholars to help shed light on the meaning of illness and the impact medical imaging can have on our cultural imagination. Using their insights from the medical humanities, literature, visual culture, philosophy and theology, the scholars in this volume advance the discourse of the ill body, adding interpretations and insights from their disciplinary fields."

Get your copy today on Amazon

Book Cover.jpg

"Bodies Under Pressure" Exhibition

"Bodies Under Pressure" is a printmaking exhibition in the University of Alaska Anchorage's Kimura Gallery and curated by Assistant Professor Riva Symko. I am honored to be a part of this five-woman exhibition, as all of the artists are printmakers working on the topics of health, illness, and women's lived experiences with their bodies.

From the UAA website: Featuring the work of five printmakers (and a portfolio) from across the United States and Canada, this exhibition contemplates the human body as a site of history, trauma, and healing. All of the artists in this exhibition are women, and most of the bodies they are considering are also women’s bodies. This gives us an opportunity to see the female form, and the female bodily experience from a distinctly female point-of-view.

The exhibition is on from January 29th- March 9th. To learn more about this exhibition, please visit their website:

"Healing Process" Exhibition Opening

Please join me and two other artists working in the Health Humanities for the opening of our joint exhibition, "Healing Process" at the Art Gallery of St. Albert.

From the ADGSA site:

The creative process is a healer. Healing Process brings together three artists who each use their artistic practice to explore the illnesses of their loved ones, to shed light on treatment, pain and tragedy, and reconcile their own emotions and understanding of their experiences.

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 3, 6–9pm

Exhibition Dates: Aug 3- Sept 2

Walkthrough Tour: Thursday, August 17, 12:05–12:45pm

Artist Talk (Gerry Yaum): August 31, 6:30pm

Postcard for Healing Process

Postcard for Healing Process