New Publication: "Field Notes: How to be Generative"

My latest article as Artist in Residence for Columbia University’s Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal is now posted! In this article, I review the workshop I conducted at Columbia Global Centers in Paris, France, during the CHCI Health Humanities Conference. This article is framed around the new artist’s book I created in response to the participant’s thoughtful reflections on “bookness” and what it means to create artists’ books about one's own body.

“The disjointed phrases, thoughts, critiques, and questions from the final workshop analysis are conveyed using a meandering folded form. The twists and turns of the pleated pages give the voices a sense of spontaneous liveliness. This meta-book makes physical the overlapping, repetitive, circuitous, impromptu analysis of the participants rather than seeking to convey a clear linear narrative.”

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Field Notes_Cover.jpg