"Imaging and Imagining Illness" Edited Volume

After five years in the making, "Imaging and Imagining Illness: Becoming Whole a Broken Body" has finally been published! This edited volume published by Wipf and Stock details the collaborative between my sister, Devan Stahl, and me that seeks to discover the fruitful intersections of art and medical imaging technologies.

"Medical imaging technologies can help diagnose and monitor patients’ diseases, but they do not capture the lived experience of illness. In this volume, Devan Stahl shares her story of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis with the aid of magnetic resonance images (MRIs). Although clinically useful, Stahl did not want these images to be the primary way she or anyone else understood her disease or what it is like to live with MS. With the help of her printmaker sister, Darian Goldin Stahl, they were able to reframe these images into works of art. The result is an altogether different image of the ill body. Now, the Stahls open up there project to four additional scholars to help shed light on the meaning of illness and the impact medical imaging can have on our cultural imagination. Using their insights from the medical humanities, literature, visual culture, philosophy and theology, the scholars in this volume advance the discourse of the ill body, adding interpretations and insights from their disciplinary fields."

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