"Bodies Under Pressure" Exhibition

"Bodies Under Pressure" is a printmaking exhibition in the University of Alaska Anchorage's Kimura Gallery and curated by Assistant Professor Riva Symko. I am honored to be a part of this five-woman exhibition, as all of the artists are printmakers working on the topics of health, illness, and women's lived experiences with their bodies.

From the UAA website: Featuring the work of five printmakers (and a portfolio) from across the United States and Canada, this exhibition contemplates the human body as a site of history, trauma, and healing. All of the artists in this exhibition are women, and most of the bodies they are considering are also women’s bodies. This gives us an opportunity to see the female form, and the female bodily experience from a distinctly female point-of-view.

The exhibition is on from January 29th- March 9th. To learn more about this exhibition, please visit their website: http://www.artsuaa.com/exhibitions